Christmas Creativity

Ag Classes Appreciate Teachers with Handmade Ornaments


Jillian Parks

The Agricultural Mechanics/Metals class is creating small metal ornaments for teachers during this holiday season. Using a $40,000 CNC machine, students use precise software to upload images to cut out of the metal. According to Ag Mechanics teacher, Chelsy Hailey, “It’s a super delicate machine though so if you miss any step, it might not cooperate, or if it gets hit it’ll lose calibration.” Teachers get a choice of animals (goats, cows, dogs, cats, deer, etc), and then students cut, grind, spray them with chalkboard paint to finish the product. Additionally, advanced floral design students will collect pinecones from the woods at the back of the school to spray paint them with glitter and tie on a piece of ribbon. According to Floral Design teacher Alyssa Burris, “The motivation behind the ornament project was to provide something for staff for the holidays. Everyone has been working so hard, especially this semester, so we wanted to pay it forward and let everyone know that they are appreciated!”