Out Of The Park Officers

Dugout Dolls Choose 2021 Board Members

Out Of The Park Officers

Maggie Collette, Reporter

Dugout Dolls are beginning a new season by recruiting officers such as president, VP membership, VP public relations, secretary, treasurer, and events chair. Ms. Kolb held officer interviews for returning seniors on Wednesday October 14th, and positions were announced the next day. These officers have begun to work together to recruit new junior and senior members to cheer on the 2021 baseball teams during their seasons. 

“I feel like if a big group of us are excited about supporting our school it will help the whole student body get excited as well,” president Mackenzie Noyes said. 

One event that the girls participate in each year is the Challenger League game. This is a game played with the Woodlands Diamond Darlings. The Challenger league is a baseball team for players with special needs. This event gives the participants the opportunities to meet new people, and play some baseball.

“It’s a fun way to support the team and our school,”  treasurer Carly Bently said. “I really enjoy going to the game and helping with the charity events.”

The officer interviews were short and consisted of various questions about why the girls wanted to participate, and what makes them a good leader for the club. Their answers secured their positions in the necessary spots, and all girls are now prepared to lead.

“The interviews were super fun and lighthearted and made me more excited for this year,” Noyes said. “The questions were to the point, so I did have to prepare a little bit but not too much, so it was nothing to stress about.”

The CP baseball season was cut short last year, so the girls had little influence from last season’s officers. However, the time they did have was spent getting to know each other, and seeing what initiative it took to hold a position. The officers last year worked closely with the sponsors, and set presidents for the future of the club.

“I think that by watching and talking to the officers last year, I understand the responsibility I have,” Bently said. “It also made me excited to have the ability to be behind the scenes this year to help make this year even better.” 

After all positions were filled, the officers spoke at the first meeting on October 28th after school in the LGI. The girls got a chance to meet the future members and see what was necessary to start the club off on a good foot. 

“I have the opportunity to lead others in a fun and supportive organization surrounding my favorite season of the year,” secretary Lindsay Lemmons said. “I want everyone to have as much fun as possible to support other cavaliers.”