Building Your Vintage and Sustainable Wardrobe

Hannah Dollar

The concept of recycled clothing is nothing new to mainstream fashion, but this environmentally friendly apparel has caught up with the latest fashion trends in recent years. Perhaps the creators of such brands were ahead of their time, as today vintage, retro and weathered clothing is in style. Here are a few brands dedicated to providing sustainable clothing and preserving timeless vintage attire. Start building your vintage wardrobe here:

Urban Renewal

Brought to you by Urban Outfitters, Urban Renewal features a collection of select and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Their exclusive finds are either re-designed for unique, trendsetting garments or recycled and upcycled to present you with statement pieces by reserving their original, classic look. They renew the old, just for you, so you can continue to rock past styles for ages to come. 

Levi’s SecondHand

This clothing line’s idea of perfect denim is ‘already beat-up and broken in.’ Their goal is to keep beloved Levi’s denim styles in circulation while saving clothing from ending up in a landfill, promoting a more sustainable future. Old Levi’s jeans and denim jackets are dropped off at participating stores, exchanged for a gift card for a future purchase. The items are then cleaned, sorted, and listed on their website, helping the planet “one reworn piece at a time.” 

ASOS Market Place

ASOS is all about uniqueness, from its customers to its products. They promote “total freedom to be you,” and their wide range of brands and products reflect this ideal. ASOS Marketplace is a platform for over 900 independent brands and vintage boutiques from over 50 countries. There truly is something for everyone and from everyone. 

Beyond Retro

Their label represents a mission to recycle through salvaging the best in-trend vintage fashion pieces from the “world’s collective closet.” This brand uses the best of these salvaged materials to put together designs that speak to today’s fashion but with fabric from past decades that deserve to reserve their mark on the world of fashion. Beyond Retro takes trends seriously, staying ahead of them and even sparking new ones.


The Patagonia brand as a whole prides themselves on their high-quality gear that lasts for years. “Worn Wear” stays in circulation through the participation of Patagonia customers. Instead of throwing old Patagonia gear and clothing away, they encourage you to trade those items for store credit. Collections like their ReCrafted Collection and Factory Seconds Collection remake clothes from old clothes or sell items that have come from the factory flawed- both taking the responsibility of extending the life of their products and reducing clothing waste.