What Are The Reveliers Up To?


Brianna O'Callaghan, Reporter

PomPoms and streamers weren’t seen last nine weeks but are coming back this school year. With a new costume accessory, the Revs are back to performing, just in a different way.    

So much has changed with COVID-19 coming in March. Though through the uncertainty of it all, one group has been constant in their practices for performances. Despite all of the challenges this year has thrown at them, the Revs continue to expect games and shows in the future.

“Football season is happening currently,” sophomore Chloe Rivera said. “We’ve lost one game so far but hopefully will have many more to come. We also recently had our first pep rally and got to perform one of our football dances there, but hopefully we will be able to perform in the gym with our peers and the new pep rally dance for this year.”

Since school dance teams are interactive and close together, the Revs are taking precautions with the virus. From wearing masks during practice to spacing out formation to switching groups for dressing out, they are taking their safety seriously.

“We are having to wear masks now which makes dancing a little bit harder,” senior Julia Stouffer said. “We are also socially distancing a lot more.” 

Because of the fear the virus brings to everyone, especially schools that are now opening, events that would’ve taken place last year are uncertain now. Events Revs go to every year like competitions are a hope for the girls but are not definite.  

I personally would love for our contest season to happen this year,” Rivera said. “I’ve always loved and been super excited for competition season, especially for how hard we all work, but because of COVID it could possibly become virtual, postponed, or mandatory to wear masks while we dance.”

Football games are not promised with news of COVID infecting sports teams, but the Revs are still practicing, waiting for their next chance to perform. 

“We have the games right now,” Revelier coach Ms. Lowrey said. “We try to go day-by-day because it can be cancelled by a drop of a hat. So we try to get through one season at a time.”

Overall, the Revs have been pushing through these unprecedented times. With more football games and potential future competitions, the Revs continue to practice in the hopes of performing. 

We are still the same Revs we have been, besides wearing the masks and being more cautious, and keeping our distance from each other, so we are safe and healthy,” Rivera said.