Did You Hear About the 2020 Wildfires?

Hannah Dollar

Many western areas of the U.S. are battling intense wildfires, endangering residents of at least 12 states, leaving a destructive path across the country. 

Every year these areas are at risk of wildfires, but 2020 has brought a season so intense that the U.S. is at a Preparedness Level 5, meaning that every national resource is committed to these incidents and seeking international assistance. 

6.9 million acres have burned across North America in 2020 alone in effect of 42,512 wildfires, and these numbers are growing. Those may be just numbers, but they account for the tragedies of those who have lost everything, including their homes, loved ones, and belongings. 

Though these fires may not directly impact the state we live in, it is important to realize those struggling within our country. Some areas received no warning as unpredictable wind shifts spread the fire to unprepared areas. With less than 20 minutes to evacuate, in some cases, residents had to choose what was worth saving and flee for their lives. The needs of these people are endless. From shelter, food, evacuation support, and family reconnection to supporting volunteers that have given up their primary income source to be on the frontlines, there is an urgency. To receive updated information on the impact and what you can do to help, visit the Center for Disaster and Philanthropy.