Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts

How to Get Involved

While the Houston area did not suffer Hurricane Laura’s destruction, residents and organizations quickly stepped up, helping those enduring the aftermath. These relief efforts, whether gathering and delivering supplies to affected areas or joining teams of volunteers to clear debris, have helped thousands thus far, and let’s not stop there.

If getting involved in these efforts seems demanding, there are many that require little effort but still make a needed impact on those in need. When Hurricane Harvey hit our community, people from all around reached out to restore Houston. We must do the same for the cities now in distress.

“My family and I collected water, sports drinks, non-perishable food, and household supplies for a local family that recently moved to Western Louisiana,” Junior Thomas Gault said. “They were directly in the storm path but didn’t sustain any major damages to their home. Still, the main worry was being without electricity and utilities for a long time.”

  While some individuals have connections to those in Laura’s path and can reach out to them directly, others can go through churches and organizations to do their part. Local churches and organizations involved are The Woodlands Church, Church Project, the American Red Cross, and the Houston Food Bank. Visit their websites for more information on how to get involved. 

If donating is just not enough for you, The Woodlands Church has arranged four hurricane relief trips through September to be signed up for on their website. These outreach trips will be made up of three teams dedicated to serving and supporting those impacted by the storm in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Though just donating a few items can make all of the difference; From necessities like diapers, preserved food, masks, and bottled water that is a part of everyday life to heavy-duty tools that can aid a whole town clearing out fallen trees. 

“People have been very helpful in giving out food, water, ice, flashlights, and other basic necessities. All of these donations have helped because we can focus on other needs like clearing out debris and getting things back in order,” former student Zimori Hall said. “Though we prepared for the hurricane by buying all of the essentials, there was no preparing for the aftermath.”