Ramp-Up Week Review

In anticipation of the return of in-person learning on September 8, the school held a ramp-up from August 31st to September 4.

After 6 months of lockdown, students were able to return to school to meet their teachers, interact with students, and learn about the various clubs and their members. Students were brought in small groups based on their last names and went through their classes as they would normally. 

“I think the ramp-up went well,” senior Latyr McQuarters said. “I could tell everyone was on board with social distancing and trying to be as safe as possible while still maintaining a learning environment that really made me feel a lot better about going back.”

The school took precautions to ensure the safety of its students. Water fountains were turned off, and students were required to follow one-way paths from class to class. In addition, students and staff were required to wear their masks and bring their own water bottles.

“I feel much safer after seeing all of the precautions the school has set up to keep all of us safe,” senior Mckenzie Elkins said. “I was hoping we would go back not just for the sake of our senior year but also for our mental health.”

When the pandemic first broke out back in March, many students found it hard to learn and take classes online as opposed to in-person. With everyone having different learning abilities and styles that did not work as effectively online, many students were eager to return to campus to get back on their feet. 

“I was honestly not expecting us to go back to school so soon,” Elkins said. “But I love it because I am a hands-on/visual learner and cannot learn very well online. I tend to procrastinate if I was given the power.” 

While going back to school may feel different than it once did, there are students who were eager to gain back a sense of normalcy, whatever that may be. 

“All in all, I don’t have anything negative to say about going back to school,” senior Michael Collado said. “I just feel safe, happy, and healthy to be back, as cheesy as it sounds.”