Photography Tips For Your Phone


Brianna O'Callaghan, Reporter

Sometimes when we are in the middle of a beautiful sunset or a fancy bakery or white wedding, we need that moment to be captured, however, it is not every time that we have the kind of camera to take those amazing pictures. Here are a few tips on taking amazing photos right on your phone. 

1.   Make sure the camera is focused:

A lot of times it is difficult to wait and let the camera focus, so the picture comes out blurry. Wait for the camera to center on your subject. Only choose one or two subjects

Pictures are generally of better quality when there are only a couple of subjects. Having one subject can have a focal point for your photo and can blur the background out. This way there isn’t three or more focused on subjects which can be confusing to the person looking at the picture. 

2.   Use the camera grids when taking a photo:

The camera grid can be activated based on the settings on your phone. These can help center the subject in the photo or even shift focus to the left or right side of the grid. 

3.   Find different angles:

Different angles can help a good picture to become an amazing one. Exploring the angles of a picture can create allusions in your photo that capture an audience. Try a birds-eye view or maybe an angle from the ground up.

4.   Avoid zooming into the subject of the photo:

Having empty space in a photo doesn’t have to be boring. Experiment with different backdrops and backgrounds. Using grids can help with this as well to help empty space appear more symmetrical.