Ramp-Up Day Procedures

Ramp-Up Day Procedures

Jillian Parks

Morning routines are about to look a little different. This is a summary of the school’s COVID-19 procedures from an email sent out in July for those of you who do not want to scroll back. Even more, it landmarks unprecedented times. Here is what “back-to-school” looks like in a pandemic: 

All parents and students are asked to self-screen for COVID-19 prior to leaving home each morning.

Utilize good hygiene throughout the day, and not just what we are used to (hand sanitizer, social distancing, masks, etc.)

Masks can only come off while eating lunch or in class as appropriate determined by the teacher (instructional purposes).

Hallway procedures are pretty typical. Walk on the right side, use side entrances to reduce traffic, and no standing and talking.

At lunch, limit the number of people at a table. (Goal is 12), and keep the masks on while not actually eating.

Students are going to wear ID to use for no touch features at school (lunch, library, etc.)

Visitors are limited to School Operational/Instruction purposes only, and parents have to call ahead and call upon arrival for early pickup. Parents have to call upon arrival for child pick-up if sick in clinic, and same for dropping off medication.

There will be no deliveries of lunch, homework, clothes etc.