Online Learning: Week One


Brianna O'Callaghan, Reporter

During a pandemic, teachers across the nation are replacing in-person school with online learning for the month of August, changing the lifestyle of millions of students. 

Online learning is new to many people, so adjustments and changes are expected during these unpredictable times. With technical difficulties and mastering Canvas, Zoom, and other sites, teachers are learning a new way of life with their students.

“I think the most challenging thing for me was understanding how students use Canvas and what they ‘see’ when they log in,” Anatomy teacher Ms. Hickman said. “Some are only set up to see assignments and quizzes but not all the additional resources, like videos and lectures.”

Since students have to make the time to study, work, and do any homework, it can be tempting to leave it until the last minute. Keeping a routine can help separate online learning time and after school time. 

“What I’ll do is get all of my harder classes out of the way first, then throughout the rest of the day I’ll complete the easier courses with less work or assignments,” senior Gavin Palmer-Ruiz said. “Usually when I finish the harder courses I’ll take a break for lunch.”

Distractions are all around us at home. Many students stay in rooms filled with technology and noise, unlike a school setting. From  siblings and pets to friends and extracurricular activities, focusing can be very hard. 

One of the most difficult things about online learning is adjusting to the new routine and trying to focus while you’re in your own home,” junior Madylen Jackson said. “So many distractions. Definitely need to get used to actually working since we haven’t actually been at school for so long.”

A main concern that many teachers voiced before school had started was the amount of motivation in their students. Since students are now having to hold themselves accountable, some aren’t showing the same motivation as others. 

“My main concern is just having the students complete all the work,” Hickman said. “Some students are more internally motivated than others. I feel like if they do all the activities each day then they will learn the material and be successful.”

With online learning, things are going to be uncertain especially since this is new for College Park students. But some students are having a positive look on the new way of learning. 

“One tip that I would give is don’t stress yourself out and space out your day and time,” sophomore Kaylee Rounsavall said. “Another tip I have is to have a positive attitude about online and do your best.”