Starting Online School With A Bang


Brianna O'Callaghan, Reporter


This pandemic has had an effect on everybody, hasn’t it? Everything is new from wearing masks to not being able to see your friends to watching your teachers work through the challenges of online learning. Even in what seems like an uncontrollable situation, there are things that you can control; the most important one being how you approach online learning.

  • Organize your desk for an uncluttered mind.

Each day before you start online school, clear your desk off and clear it out. Scrambling to find your pens and notebooks in two minutes is something no one wants. One very helpful tip is to throw out the pencil bag and replace it with a vertical pencil case to see the pens, pencils, and highlighters. Another trick is to use an old locker shelf as a place to put my books underneath the desk. 

  • Keep a routine.

Waking up, eating breakfast, and starting school at the same time each day will help you acclimate to all this craziness. If you aren’t the best at setting a routine and keeping it, start with a planner. Make goals for yourself like going to bed earlier or not starting work at 11! It will definitely help when in-person school comes around.  


  • Make time for studying.


Hold yourself accountable for your grades. Studying at midnight or not studying at all will hurt you in the future. When studying is a must but not a want, highlight a section of your planner designated ONLY for studying to avoid making plans with others or forgetting. 

  • Do one thing at a time. 

Online learning is chaotic, but you can control that. The school has suggested doing each class in order on your schedule. If it helps, go through Canvas in alphabetical order and do the classes that way. 

  • Take a break.

Escape for a few minutes! Sitting at a screen or staring at a book for hours will tire you out. Grab a snack, go on a short walk, say hello to your pets, or anything that gets you moving and feeling energized. 



Yes, a lot of things are confusing and a bit disoriented. Online school can be tough, but there is a lot you can control. Try some of these tips and take online learning into your own hands.