5 Places to Buy Masks!


Jillian Parks, Editor

Nobody is a stranger to the fact that masks are required to prepare for the inundation of students arriving at school; we’ve been wearing them for almost six months now. There are always disposable blue masks, which are a good option for quick, cheap coverage. However, as we enter the school year, students are going to need a wider variety of different outfits and maybe even different moods. Not to mention masks are easy to lose. Here are five places to buy them as we enter this school year:

Not only are you supporting local businesses, individual artisans, and opposing fast fashion, but there is a diverse selection. From plain black to embroidered to pop culture references, the hours of work are evident in the creativity, quality, and sheer numbers of these shops. Make sure you check reviews and even chat with the seller to make sure you are making a smart purchase!

2. Amazon
Especially if you have Amazon Prime, this is a great option for quick, contact-free mask shopping. With a large selection and a transparent review system, there is sure to be something for everyone. Amazon’s most appealing feature would be sheer convenience. However, if you are willing to spend a little more money, opting for Etsy directly supports individual livelihoods.

3. Old Navy
Old Navy is selling child and adult masks in packs of 5 for only $12.50. There are roughly 17 packs to choose from, all adhering to a similar color scheme or pattern. If you are trying to stock up, this is a great option.

4. Target/Walmart
Walmart and Target have individual masks that are easy to grab in a pinch. Both Walmart and Target masks are mostly useful as a cart addition while running everyday errands. Their coverage and effectiveness as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) vary from mask to mask, but there is value in stocking up and creating an inventory before face to face learning resumes.

5. Your Neighborhood!
Downloading the next door app or joining a neighborhood Facebook group could lead you to more local mask makers in your area! There is always value in getting to know your neighbors (even from 6 feet away and/or wearing a mask), and what better a time to check on your neighbors than during a global pandemic? There are safe ways to discuss custom mask-making via the internet or even in-person, and, if that works for your situation, it is a fun, community-based option!