Opening Up The Woodlands


Brianna O'Callaghan, Reporter

COVID-19 has put a halt to business all over the nation. And now, with the stay-at-home ban lifted, people are crawling to see friends, go out to eat, and shop. Below are the restaurants I’ve taken a look at that have opened their doors to customers:

Olive Garden
If you don’t know what Olive Garden is, it is one of the best Italian restaurants for miles. They opened up quickly after the ban lifted and set in place procedures to help customers feel safe from COVID-19. Every other table is blocked from people so the six feet apart rule is placed in the restaurant.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
BJ’s is a traditional American style restaurant with to die for desserts. I went to BJ’s last week and noticed many sections of the restaurant shut off from customers to promote social distancing in public. All employees wear masks and stand six feet apart from their customers.

Black Walnut Cafe
Black Walnut is a breakfast and lunch restaurant that only just recently opened up for others. Since it is a smaller cafe, divided into four room areas, not many people will be allowed inside due to the six feet apart rule.

Bellagreen is an American bistro-style restaurant with outdoor and indoor seating for customers. Like all the restaurants listed above, seating will be limited for people coming in, and employees will be wearing a mask.

Here are some restaurants more on the higher scale that are opened now:
The Republic Grille
Landry’s Seafood House
Grotto Ristorante
Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
Morton’s Grille

** Going to a restaurant can put others at risk for getting COVID-19. This story does not recommend readers to go out. Wearing a mask out in public is a courtesy for employees of retail stores and restaurants. Please be kind to others when going out **