There’s Always Next Season


Natalie Meklenburg

Members of the varsity tennis team pose for a picture after a successful tournament.

Isabella Carlin, Reporter

The sounds of a screaming crowd in the stands, the long days at practice after school, and the excitement after each victory suddenly came to a halt a month ago. Local and national sports teams have been suspended until social-distancing restrictions are eased and large groups are able to meet again.

For most students who were participating in spring sports, their seasons only lasted a few weeks. Baseball and softball seasons had just begun while the soccer season was nearing the end. The track and field and tennis teams were preparing to compete at Districts and Regionals. The cancellation of spring seasons especially impacts graduating seniors who will not be given the chance to compete in their final season or say goodbye to a program that has left a tremendous impact on their high school experience and future. 

“The spring season was a lot of fun and looked very promising for the tennis team,” senior Olivia Behne said. “Through training and competition for tennis, I’ve learned discipline and time management, two skills I’m taking with me to college. I’m going to miss playing doubles with my younger sister, Caitlyn, and I’m really going to miss Coach Klein’s very creative analogies when he coaches.”

The weeks heading into spring break for seniors signified their last opportunities to prepare for UIL events held in April and May and to savor moments with their younger teammates. For members of the varsity boys golf team, they had a slightly different experience. Their season came to a close much quicker than anyone else’s. 

“It was a very surreal experience for the golf team at the end of the year. The varsity boys team left for Waco for a regional preview tournament during spring break and I started getting worried that things were getting pretty serious,” Coach Tatum said. “I decided to call Dr. Murrell and within a few hours, we were back on the road coming home and didn’t get to play in the tournament. 

Following the golf team returning from Waco, UIL suspended all spring sports until further notice which has now been canceled. The end of spring seasons impacted athletes who were preparing to be signed by colleges their senior year or who were beginning their first season. All athletes were affected someway as the constant routine of game days, intense workouts, and team bonding came to a tragic end for the rest of the school year. 

“I am very sad that our season was cut short, considering that this was my first year on the water polo team,” sophomore Susan Liu said. “The entire team worked very hard each practice and it feels horrible we have to wait another year to play. I’m going to miss seeing the girls and playing water polo every day.”

Although seasons were cut short and seniors were robbed of their last days of being Cavalier athletes, athletes will always carry the fond memories they have made through their sport and the skills their coaches taught them. In the end, there is always next season to set records, win championships, and become a better athlete than before. This hardship athletes are facing will only make them stronger and unite them as a team. 

“Moving forward from this experience,  I hope this really changes our perspective on the relationships we develop within the team, our classes, and in life. I know that every chance we will get to compete as Cavaliers will be an opportunity and not taken for granted,” Coach Tatum said.