Local Company Helps The Helpers

Huntsman International, Headquartered in The Woodlands, Begins The Production of Sanitizer For Health Care Providers


Huntsman Headquarters in The Woodlands, TX

Brianna O’Callaghan, Reporter


During difficult times it is important to reach out to communities that are in need. With the devastation COVID-19 has caused all over the world, large companies like Huntsman have stepped up to support others with the production of vital supplies. But what is Huntsman?

If the name does not sound familiar, the use of their products will. Huntsman products are just about everywhere: in clothes, in furniture, even in home appliances. In fact, you are most likely surrounded by something that was made from their products while reading this. 


Huntsman Corporation is a company that is involved in producing tens of thousands of different products that are used globally to make end-use materials that we use every day,” CEO of Huntsman International, Peter Huntsman said. “Our products are in your mobile phones, computers, cars, airplanes, the walls in your home and the insulation that keeps it energy efficient.”

Huntsman operates in many countries, and with all the products they make, there is a focus on sustainability. For one specific site, they are taking our everyday trash and ‘turning it to gold.’


Our chemistry and know-how recycle over 1 billion used soda and water bottles a year to make energy-saving materials in buildings and refrigerators used to keep food from spoiling and houses cool in the summer and warmer in the winter,” Huntsman said. 


From the very beginning, Huntsman has been inspired to help the medical community. The founder, Jon Huntsman, had a lifelong dream of establishing a cancer institute, which has now become one of the best in the world. 

“Huntsman Corporation has been a long time contributor to Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), one of the nation’s largest cancer hospitals and research facilities,” Huntsman said. “HCI was formed over 20 years ago from a gift my parents made to build the world’s finest cancer research center and hospital. After 20 years and over $3 billion, we are one of the highest-ranked cancer centers in the world.”



Already making it in Europe, Huntsman announced on April 6th that they would be producing hand sanitizer in the U.S and a week later began the production in the Asia-Pacific region. Since hand sanitizer is a personal use product, there needs to be approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) which can take months or even years.  


After we started supplying sanitizers to the Swiss Government, we approached the FDA for quick approval to make the same products here in the United States,” Huntsman said. “What would normally take many months, took two to three weeks, and we were approved to make medical-grade sanitizers for use in the US.”


The first plant, in McIntosh, AL, to produce sanitizer in the U.S. will be providing the product to hospitals across the nation. With these donations, it not only addresses the shortage of these crucial, life-saving items, but it also helps the hospitals financially.  


“We donated some 5 tons of production from our McIntosh facility to HCI and the associated medical hospitals that are also treating COVID-19 patients,” Huntsman said. “Medical-grade sanitizers are in short supply. Any product that we supply to these hospitals is that much less that they have to purchase and thus, that much more available to other facilities in other states.”


Huntsman supplies hospitals across the US that need this specific sanitizer as well as facilities in Europe and Australia. Specifically in Switzerland, Huntsman worked hand-in-hand with the local government to provide sanitizer for local hospitals and health centers. 


“About a month ago, some of our technicians in Switzerland used this same equipment to make a medical-grade hand sanitizer that was in very short supply by the Swiss medical community,” Huntsman said. “We were able to make 5 tons of this product, and it was accepted by the government for use in hospitals across Switzerland. We donated this production free of charge.”


Australia became the latest region to be supplied by Huntsman sanitizer. This means that most regions where Huntsman operates will benefit from the production of sanitizer as well.  


“We announced yesterday that we are doing the same thing in Australia in a facility that is capable of making the same medical-grade sanitizers,” Huntsman said. “There too, we are donating it at no cost. Within a few days, we will be manufacturing and giving away products on three continents.” 


With scarcity in the markets, companies have been providing help in any way they can. Huntsman has so far given tons of sanitizer for hospitals all over the world without a penny going to the company. Actions like this remind people that everyone is in this global pandemic together. 


“What compelled us to produce these products and give them away? Because it is the right thing to do,” Huntsman said. “We will continue to make such products and do so at no profit to our company. While we need to make money for our shareholders and to pay our employees, I do not feel that we should be capitalizing on a product needed to protect our caregivers and patients.”