How To Make Face Mask

TyKara Robinson, Reporter

On April 3, President Trump announced that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of face masks to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The N95 Masks are deemed to be the most effective, but they can be hard to acquire. Luckily, there is a way to make properly fitted cloth masks at home with materials that most already have without the use of a sewing machine. The best advice from medical professionals is to stay home, social distance from others, and wash hands.


Option 1:

  1. Start with a handkerchief or bandana and two hair ties. Rubber bands could also be used, but they can be very uncomfortable.
  2. Fold the handkerchief in half, horizontally, and make a crease.
  3. Place a piece of paper towel or coffee filter or fabric if you have a sewing machine at the center of the handkerchief. Fold the top down and the bottom up, so that the coffee filter or paper towel rests in the fold.
  4. Place your first elastic about one-third of the way in from the edge of the handkerchief (If you have a sewing machine, sinch the bandana in, around the sides and make a straight stitch). Place the second elastic one-third of the way in from the other side. 
  5. Fold the left side in toward the center and then fold the right side in toward the center. Then tuck the right side into the flap on the left side.

Option 2: Use a Scarf

A winter scarf could be used to tie around your face when going to public places like the grocery store as a filter from the airborne virus.