Quarantine, But Make It Fun

10 Things To Do While Quarantined










Being stuck at home not able to see the people who make our day or do the things that bring excitement to our lives is probably something none of us expected to happen, certainly not under these circumstances. This temporary lifestyle of social distancing can seem repetitive and uninspiring, but with a positive attitude and an imaginative outlook on the endless possibilities of an at-home lifestyle, these days will pass. This unusual experience is just part of life’s adventure, make the best of it and find joy in the unexpected things. Here, I have created a guide to things that may bring unexpected joy to your days in quarantine. 

  1. Write letters to friends and family.

    You may be thinking, ‘why not just email or text?’ While those are simple means of communication, writing a letter is a more personal and meaningful way to connect with others. There is something about writing on paper that makes what you want to say come out right onto the page. The person you send your letter to will know you care and may even write back, bringing you joy as well. This exchange can bring loved ones closer in this seemingly detached time. 

  2.  Experiment.

    This could mean several things…but try something new!

    • Create foods or beverages that you may be living without due to quarantine. For me, I have been creating iced lattes that I just cannot live without.
    • Doing crafts that you never thought you could do. There is a varied selection of websites and online tutorials for crafting.
    • Rearranging furniture to make a frequent gathering place engaging. Maybe build a living room fort.
    • Undertake a new hobby. Photography, painting, sewing, cooking, woodworking, youtube channel, learning a musical instrument…the list is limitless.
  3. Journal.

    Journaling during this pandemic is what will tell this story to future generations. Sure there will be official documentation, such as statistics and news data, but personal experiences and in-the-moment feelings are what will tell the raw narrative of a time where everything was uncertain. Here are some types of journaling:

    • Bullet Journal: A method of keeping journal entries short and objective when moments seem too complex to tackle. This isn’t only for life’s moments though, lists, notes, and tasks are also included. 
    • Positivity Jar: Count your blessings…literally. Every time you find yourself thankful for something, write it down and put it in a jar. This way you can look back when this dull time is over and see the light that kept you going. 
    • Diary Entries: This does not have to be an everyday endeavor, but maybe when you feel like you want to share something and you cannot find the words to do so. Write about the significant moments that made up your day or week. Tell the story of this moment in history from your perspective.
    • Photo Journal: There are many possibilities to this form of journaling, find which best fits you and your creativity. Use photography as a way of telling not only your story but others. 
    • 1 Second Everyday: Download this free app to create a video diary of your life and your most valued moments amid the chaos.
  4. Exercise at home.

    Exercising is so important and just because we are stuck at home does not mean we cannot stay active. You don’t even need to have a home gym or equipment to have a successful home workout. Many exercise programs are offering free virtual classes due to facility closures over COVID-19, I will list a few below.

  5. Support local businesses.

    So many local businesses are struggling right now, but they are doing everything they can to keep their services safe and precautionary. Many are offering free delivery or curbside pickup, with the intent of practicing social distancing while serving the community. Check-in with one of your favorite local businesses and see what you can do to support them from a safe distance. Here is a website that has listed the restaurants in the area that are offering curbside service, takeout or delivery.

  6. Plan.

    Plan for what? The future, the day we get to hug, travel and socialize with each other again. Don’t forget about the canceled plans, trips, and gatherings. Keep up the hope that they will happen when this is all over when we have done our part in keeping the world safe from COVID-19. 

  7. Have a themed dinner.

    Maybe you’re thinking that your family isn’t creative enough for something like this. Well, they don’t need to be. Having a themed dinner is supposed to be entertaining and even ridiculous-laugh at your family’s inability to pull this off. I have recently seen a reoccurring theme online, a Hibachi style dinner. Have someone dress up as a hibachi chef and create for you as best as they can a hibachi meal. Don’t limit it to just this, create your own form of amusing cuisine.

  8. Go for a drive.

    Being quarantined does not mean don’t leave the house, yes it should be limited, but going for a drive doesn’t necessarily require social contact. A drive can clear the head after being held up in the house for a few days. Try to even find new routes near you that can provide a needed change of scenery. 

  9. Interact with your community from a distance.

    There are so many ways to be creative in just your neighborhood, no need to venture out too far or expose yourself to anyone. These are a few ways to interact with your community while practicing social distancing.

    • Positive Sidewalk Chalk Messages: Be creative and decorate the bland pavement around your neighborhood. Write messages and draw pictures that you think will brighten people’s day as they walk by.
    • Make Mosaics in Windows or Fences: Lately, the only escape people seem to have is enjoying the outdoors in their local areas. Give them something to look at by creating mosaics in windows with window markers and colorful paper or draw abstract shapes on fences with chalk. 
    • Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: Organize this with your neighbors by using some form of social media to get the word out and form a list of items that will be displayed in yards around the neighborhood. As families go for walks they can be on the lookout for the hidden items. This is a perfect way to engage with those around you while remaining separated. 
    • Front Porch Project: Maybe you have heard of it- away for photographers to capture families’ new normals during the time of COVID-19, but from a distance. Participating families stage what normal at-home life looks like for them in front of their house.Then a photographer takes photos from a safe distance of the street. If your community has not participated in this yet, start it up and help document this time in history.
  10.  Do everything you are always wishing you had time to do…

    I do not know what this means for you. Maybe it’s been included in the list, maybe it is the thing you are always putting off, the thing you always have an excuse for…what’s the excuse now? Do it, do something. Make use of this time, look at this time as an opportunity. Whatever that opportunity is for you, don’t waste it and make it as memorable as this global pandemic.